Melt Those Love handles

Looking for a way to eliminate those embarrassing love handles? Do those bulges visible through your sweater seem resistant to every attempt you’ve made to get them to melt away? As you have found, occasional jogging and crunches galore haven’t budged them as they hang in there as noticeable as ever. This program is aimed at carbohydrate management through a targeted diet and a specifically designed training program.

Love handles is the nickname for fat storage above your hip bone. This site is more specifically called your supra-iliac (supra = above, iliac = hip bone). They have become an ever-growing problem in today’s society. Your hormone levels have a great deal to do with where you store your fat. The hormone involved in love handles is insulin, produced by the pancreas and responsible for getting sugar out of the blood. Carrying weight in this area is worse than fat around your hips or thighs and this is in part due to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is when your cells become less sensitive to insulin. This condition causes levels of insulin in the blood to increase. This increase is related to a reduced sensitivity of the body tissues, like muscle, to normal levels of the hormone. As a result, the body tries to overcome this by secreting more insulin from the pancreas. When the pancreas fails to sustain this increased demand for insulin production, it can lead to type 2 diabetes. This is linked to heart disease and will physically manifest itself as excess fat around the waist, or an apple body shape.

High levels of insulin and glucose in the blood are highly correlated with the level of fat you store on your supra-iliac. This means that the more sugar that is in your blood the more fat you are going to store on your love handles. Now you can see why central obesity is regarded as one of the highest risk factors for diabetes as it is a disease related to insulin and glucose function. The correlation between fat on the love handles and insulin levels has been shown so you can see what strategies you need to follow in order to reduce the fat and to achieve the waist so many people strive for.

Whether you are male or female, in good shape or morbidly obese, the hormonal implications for this fat storage pattern stay the same. You need to improve your glucose and insulin levels. Carbohydrate management (what you eat, when you eat it and with what you eat it) and specifically designed training programs will make you lose fat on the love handles.

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