Leaner and muscular legs

Lean and toned legs help you project the appearance of fitness and good health, especially if you enjoy wearing shorts and skirts. Spending money on the latest products or treatments to help them lose fat on the legs or for the removal of cellulite may lead to success in the short term but inevitably, fat always comes back. Just like so many treatments nowadays, the external symptom (cellulite) is being treated however not the actual underlying cause. The key is treating the causes in order to achieve the lean and cellulite-free legs that you want.

Lower body fat is linked to high levels of estrogens in the body. Estrogens are the primary female sex hormones and are essential for good female health. Too much however can lead to poor health and promotes large amounts of excess fat gain, especially in the lower body. The main cause is not from the estrogen that you produce yourself, but from the very food you eat, the medications you use, the contraceptive pill and today’s polluted environment. On a day to day basis you are permanently exposed to hundreds of chemicals that are referred to as endocrine disruptors. They alter your natural hormone levels, causing poor health and unwanted body fat gain. High levels of estrogens affect the health of many women: breast cancer is on the increase, teenage girls are starting their periods younger and younger. Many women suffer from some form of PMS or know a friend who has/had poly cystic ovarian syndrome.

The lean legs program focuses on modulation of estrogen levels through detoxification. You may also have poor gut health, which would inhibit estrogen detoxification. For example, one of the conjugates that binds to estrogen and prevents it from being reabsorbed in the large intestine is glucoronic acid. Someone who has poor gut ecology may have too much of the bacteria that produce glucoronidase. Glucoronidase is an enzyme that uncouples the bond between estrogen and glucoronic acid, causing it to be reabsorbed through the intestine. The following detoxification phase involves various individual protocols that will remove the estrogens. There are many nutrients that serve this purpose, which is why it needs to be tailored to the individual person.

The program also includes exercises. You will have to perform just a few key exercises regularly to work out your leg muscles. The exercises are easy to do and can be performed just about anywhere.