One week advanced detox

With this state-of-the-art nutritional cleanse, you will heal the gut, detoxify and lose fat. You will be able to do it at home: no need to travel abroad and pay for an expensive stay in a fancy hotel. It includes your personalized diet and supplement program, a detoxification exercise program, a physical detox program, your supplements for one week, unlimited phone assistance, advice on how to eat healthy after the cleanse and a debriefing consultation.

Nutritional Cleanse: heal the gut, detoxify and lose fat

The 7-day cleanse was created by Dr Robert Rokowski and fine-tuned by strength coach Charles Poliquin as part of the BioSignature Modulation system. It involves unlimited consumption of medical food powders and green drinks or green vegetables every day. The elimination of all other foods along with these drinks takes the body through an intense process of detoxification.

Why Not Simply Fast or Juice fast?

Short-term, controlled fasting (1-2 days) has been proven to deliver some benefits in terms of improving digestive issues and rebalancing hormones. However, it is debatable as to whether extended fasting can bring about any additional benefit. For many people, it becomes a stressful experience for the body to cope with. The lack of vitamins, minerals, fibers and essential fats are both physically and mentally challenging to the body and not everyone responds well. Furthermore, during an extended fast, the body breaks down muscle to be used by the liver for fuel in the absence of food. Muscle is your metabolic tissue.  It is the precious stuff that you never want to lose. The more muscle mass you have the better your insulin sensitivity and the more calories you burn at rest

With fruit juice, you are essentially ingesting water, vitamins and sugar. Sugar consumed in the absence of fiber, fat or protein will spike your blood sugar levels and disrupt your insulin and cortisol control which can then lead to fat accumulation around your stomach and waist

The medical foods involved in the cleanse combine vitamins, minerals and accessory nutrients which can be tailored to your needs (e.g either detoxifying, hormone rebalancing or anti-inflammatory). Each shake contains 16g of protein so you don’t go hungry.  Consuming extra amino acids in addition to the shake allows you to retain lean muscle mass throughout the cleanse.

Cleanse Benefit 1: fix the Gut

A cleanse allows the gastro-intestinal tract to rest, repair and re-inoculate with healthy bacteria. The addition of probiotics and l-glutamine to the medical shakes supports and strengthens the mucosa cells of the gut wall, which are often impaired by gluten/dairy heavy diets and stressful lifestyles. Anyone suffering from recurrent digestive disorders including irritable bowel, bloating or food intolerances would benefit hugely from a cleanse.

Cleanse Benefit 2: Detoxify

People often dismiss or ignore the effects of toxicity, however, it has been strongly linked to symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue and joint pain. Toxic elements are everywhere in our environment.  We inhale, consume and absorb toxins through our skin. The liver functions to eliminate toxins from your body, however, occasionally there can be an accumulation of toxins in our tissues effecting our neurological, immune and endocrine (hormone) systems.

Even those who consider themselves healthy may not realize that toxic load is increased by things like intense training, high protein diets and lack of recovery/restoration sessions. The cleanse lessens the toxic load placed on the liver and kidneys. It supports the different phases of liver detoxification and restores levels of highly alkalizing and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Cleanse Benefit 3: Drop Body Fat

Obviously one of the most exciting results of a cleanse is the overall improvement to body composition. Detoxifying the body, removing foods and any source of stimulant really allows your hormones to balance; promoting fat loss, improved blood sugar management, increased energy levels, improved mental clarity and increased strength. Following a cleanse, some individuals have even reported strength increases of 10%.


One of the best things about a cleanse is that you can continue to train. You will get a specific protocol for training during a cleanse to keep the lymphatic system circulating. However, what is also really enjoyable is investing more time in restorative activities like saunas, Epsom salt baths or massages. Your body feels amazing and will really thank you for the break from your usual routine.